Finals Festivities

I played more video games involving zombies during finals week than the rest of the semester combined. I also studied my mind raw for the time I wasn’t melting it trying to survive Nazi Zombies. Apart from relaxing with video games I had several finals and a choir concert. My first final was an easily filled out exam for Ballet. We had to name several positions like 1st Arabesque and motions like Assemblé or Balancé. The test was a take home and we were encouraged to work together or use the internet. Galen, Florence and I managed to power through it one night and all pull A’s on it. The course as a whole was easily one of my favorites. Ida, our dance instructor, was always vigorous in teaching, and helping perfect the material she taught. I originally just planned to take the class to learn fundamentals of different motions and how they could apply to different styles of ballroom dance. However Ida’s enthusiasm and skill at teaching made me appreciate ballet for the grace of its highly structured movements, and I constantly do combinations of plies and releves waiting in the Prentiss lunch line.

My final day of student calling was the Monday of finals week, however instead of phoning more students, the Office of Admissions threw us a work party. Interestingly enough E-section had a section dinner right before the party, with a drag theme. So I showed up to work in black dress with multicolored dots on it.

My first scheduled final was French 105 I was slightly nervous for how I would do but I had been doing the review sheets that Professor Winchell was kind enough to give us to prepare for the test. While I took longer on the test then most of the others in the class I felt confident enough that I managed to keep my B in the class.

Chemistry was my next final, it was a multiple choice final of all the material that we learned. Nelson and I were both ready to get that over with. We struggled through our semester of chemistry and both of us are looking forward to switching out of it next semester. Fortunately since the test was multiple choice it made it easier to pass. After a painful few hours of questions involving Redox reactions and Hess’ Law in tandem with properties of light and matter I was done with chemistry.

After Chemistry was over I was incredibly relaxed, it was the last final I was worried about. My final final (haha) was Microeconomics which was one of my easiest classes. I calculated that even if I earned a 65% on the final I could still pull an A in the class. Partly because of my high test average and partly because of my professors policy of giving back a full letter grade on tests depending on students participation in class. After breezing through my microeconomics final I was completely free of stress, I relaxed further by starting my packing for winter break, with the occasional visit next door for some super smash brothers.

That Friday I rapidly packed up the rest of my clothes for winter break and my upcoming trip to Colombia. I also ran around the dorm like crazy and said bye to all of Anderson. Prentiss had a veggie wrap calling my name so I stuffed it in my Tupperware for the trip. I hugged Nelson goodbye and moved my luggage over to the car, I had once again managed to mooch another ride. This time off of Annette, a Corvallis kid, and her mother. The trip had a light air of nostalgia accompanied by a Hood River grilled cheese, which made for a nice combination. Annette dropped her mom off before me at Woodstocks pizza to meet up with some family. As I was switching to take the passenger seat I stepped out of the car and saw two CHS grads walking into the pizza place.

Wow, this place never changes. I thought.

“Did you know that there’s a Market of Choice now on 9th Street?” Said Annette.

Looks like I spoke too soon.

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