A Few Highlights

The Portland airport isn’t a hotbed of paranoia, nor does it take very long to get through security, nonetheless dad was freaking out the entire time. In fact, he managed to freak out so productively that we had an extra two hours to sit in our terminal at the airport. Our flight to Denver went by quickly, however we were forced to rush to our next connection to Bogota. By the time we arrived that flight also ran out of carry on room so we had to check our bags, fortunately for no charge. Like any brilliant traveler I realized the airline’s shortcomings when it comes to baggage claim and immediately took some extra underwear and socks out of my carry on. This later turned out to be much to my benefit when lo-and-behold the Bogota airport lost our suitcases. We also suffered another setback when the fog at the Bogota airport was too thick to safely land in and we altered our route to Panama city until the fog cleared.

After meeting with family and exceptional amounts of hugging and besos, we headed out to the Paipa hot springs. I was exhausted so I dozed off several times in the car. During one of my naps my feet drifted over towards a fire extinguisher located underneath the seat in front of me, and I happened to put a little to much pressure on the nozzle. “POOOM!!” White powder flew everywhere and I thought for a second that we had been shot or the engine exploded. My grandfather immediately pulled over and we surveyed the damage. A fire extinguisher lay with its head unattached next to the seat in front of me. I grabbed a rag, and after fifteen minutes of scrubbing and cleaning we were back on the road to Paipa.

Dancing in Paipa! Paipa has an arena where musical performers come frequently to perform, we were lucky enough to listen to a group during our time in the town. I managed to pluck up the courage to ask a few Colombian girls to dance but was still confronted by a language barrier and the confined seating in which we were watching the show. I think I did decently, but started to fear bumping into annoyed drunk people too much so I went back to just listening. By the time it started raining my family and I decided to call it a night.

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