To Work

Work time!” Was my first thought on Monday morning, we were finally starting work on our houses that day. First we headed down to the St. Bernard offices and received our assignments for work sites, sadly Nelson, my roommate, and I were working on separate houses. Our 19 person group split into a group of nine and a group of ten, each with its own house to work on. During the work day we would stay with that smaller group, but afterward we had plenty of time to spend with everyone else. When we arrived at our work site I was paired with Tess to work on dry-wall in one of the house’s bathrooms. It was a very frustrating day. Tess and I spent the better part of the day removing, readjusting, and finally finishing the last piece of ceiling drywall in the partially dry-walled bathroom. After a hard days work we returned to camp hope for some rest and dinner. That night we visited the house of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, the character of the summer novel that all 2014 Whitman students were required to read before their first year. He welcomed us into his home and we discussed everything from his opinions of the Government response to Katrina, to the recent tsunami in Japan. The evening eventually pulled to a close and we returned once again to Camp Hope.

Tuesday’s productivity increased dramatically. Not only did Tess and I finish the ceiling, dry-walled the entire rest of the bathroom and started mudding. It was incredibly more satisfying to see the change at the end of our second day of work than the first. At dinner that evening we were spoken to by the “Head of Homeland Security and Emergency Management” of St. Bernard Parish. He spoke to us a little about his job, and other things about Katrina. After dinner we headed out for some more sightseeing. We stood and watched Live Jazz music at Preservation Hall, walked down Bourbon Street, and ate some more late night snacks. By the end of night we were all exhausted and hit the sack after reflection.

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