The Horde Returns

I am a survivor. I, along with two others in Anderson Hall remain “humans” in the game. Unfortunately for me there are a total of five zombies in my section who are attempting to “eat my brains” by tagging my body before I hit them with a sock or Nerf dart. Fortunately my class schedule allows me to avoid them well during the day. At night however, I venture to the bathroom with a loaded Nerf shotgun and muscles twitching at the slightest sound. Besides that little stressor, I realized I have around thirty pages to write before the end of the school year if I add up all my classwork together. Fun huh? But to make it more interesting I also have the privilege of campaigning for Sophomore Senate. I am allowed to officially begin my campaign on the 12th, which will involve a late night of putting up posters and the rest of my (top secret) campaign ideas. Hopefully my ingenuity pays off and I do well in the elections.

There has also been a surge of Whitties noticing my blog, so I suppose I have to watch what I say now…

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