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Dear Blog,

It has been a while since our last encounter. I miss your spell checker that saves my every entry, the chance to just write something that’s NOT a paper, and my lifted spirits from seeing new page views.

What have I been up to? Well how about a brief rundown of my escapades.

This summer I worked for some old elementary school friends by helping them run one of their shaved ice stands at the Jefferson County fair. After four twelve hour days of ice-shaving action my shoulders weren’t sure if they would ever stop hurting. But, on the bright side, I did have free admission to some nice music and all the ice I could eat.

I came back early for a Whitman Institute of Scholastic Enrichment (WISE) camp which I was an Resident Assistant for. The camp was a chance for Walla Walla kids to live in a Whitman residence hall and take classes from Whitman professors. The camp itself was only a few days but the design was such to try and inspire the children to apply themselves in high school and excite them for college. It even proved educational to some of my fellow RAs, the most noticeable instance was when the mathematics professor proved 0.999 repeating infinitely was equal to 1. Several long philosophical, logical, and mathematical debates followed with me helplessly trying to convince my fellow counselors, who were off duty at the time, that this was true.

Past that, I trained for a week to be a Student Academic Adviser, or SA, (I have no idea why there is only one A in the acronym) in Lyman House. My job description is essentially to help new students with the transition to Whitman academics. We trained on study skills, active listening, memorization strategies, and prepped for Orientation Week for the new students. Meeting each section of Lyman was both nerve-wracking and incredibly wonderful. Throughout the semester I have been putting on academic programs, holding office hours, and hanging out with the awesome residents of The Tower and B/C Section. I hope all of you have had wonderful Thanksgivings and I’ll be back in the bloggin’ saddle again soon.

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